Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Chapter 35

He had her key out of his pocket and the door opened faster than Gail could say ‘fucked’.

He didn’t put any lights on, and as the door closed on the outside world the hallway was plunged into darkness and Gail’s excitement level went through the roof. She squealed as she felt herself shucked from over his shoulder and felt herself falling through the blackness.

Before she hit the floor he had her pressed up against the door, his mouth crashed onto hers and he flattened himself on her; she could feel his cock trying to burst out of his trousers.

He pushed at his jacket, moved a millimetre from her and it fell from her. The next thing his hand went to her neck, his deft fingers finding the catch that held the two pieces together. He couldn’t make the damn catch work and without caring, he took both bits in either hand and heaved, the material get a loud tearing sound, then Gail felt cool air hit her nipples.

‘Christ Rich……’ was all she got out before his mouth took hers again and his fingers closed roughly over her freed breasts, tweaking, rolling and pinching them. Gail’s legs turned to pure mush.

Freeing her mouth, he didn’t bother taking his time to get to his goal, he dropped to his knee and his mouth sucked her breast into its waiting warmth. Gail’s fingers speared his hair and held him there; the sensations he was causing were telexing straight down to her uterus and making it flex and flutter. She gasped then moaned loudly as his teeth scraped none too gently over her nipple, this wasn’t going to be a sweet fuck; it was going to be hot.

Richie realised that somewhere between the cab and now, he’d lost nearly all of his famed control, again, and it was shot to shit and when she’d moaned his dick nearly went mental, he wanted her and he didn’t care how he took her as long as he did!

His hot mouth continued to work both her breast while one hand held onto her waist, the other ran down her side then started to work its way up her long leg. His nails running up her calf, up to her kneecap, dancing around it then to the back of her knee; he felt a deep shudder ripe through her and her breath catching, then a long low moan as he bit her nipple.

God help her, she didn’t think she could last much longer, her knickers would never be the same again, she could smell her own arousal and feel his desperation to claim her, mark her, fuck her; she wanted it all.

He must have heard her.

Richie was trying to get himself back under control, he didn’t want to scare her, but a need had come over him and she was the only one that could slake it for him.

His long fingers carried on their way up her leg; his mouth was kissing any part of her he could reach without moving his stance. He moved his hand from front to back, working his way up her thigh, he squeezed and caressed but he moved on wanting to get to her sweet spot and drive her over the edge.

His other hand moved downwards as his other hit the hem of her skirt. Gail arched into him as his hands slipped under her skirt. His long fingers brushed over her sopping knickers and she felt his grin at her stomach.

‘Fuck darlin you smell wonderful, it tells me that you want me to fuck you senseless and then fuck you some more. You know, I’m gonna to lick your slit till you scream for more. Then I’m going to put my mouth on you and suck you as my fingers fuck you and you clamp down on me………and when you think you can’t take any more I’m gonna take my cock and slam it so hard and fast into you…well lets see what happens shall we.’ She heard her knickers rip, and one wetness was replace by another as he did as promised and licked her slit, slowly, lapping the juices that had already leaked from her.

Gail grabbed his head to steady herself as he parted her thighs to bury his head deeper in her, his tongue licking at her, making little forays into her depths, but never going further. She squirmed at his mouth trying to make him go faster, Christ she wanted him just to take her, now!

Richie realised all that talking had turned his flame waaaay up and although he wanted to taste more of her and make her cum the way he wanted, it wasn’t gonna happen. He pushed his tongue into her and flicked her clit sending her tumbling into her orgasm. He smiled into her as she did scream his name.

The next coherent thought Gail had was that he’d stopped and they were moving, he’d wrapped his arms about her waist and just hoisted her up. Her arms wound about his neck and she kissed him her tongue thrusting passed his lips, tasting herself there, he responded with a deep growl and his hips rotating against her bare pussy. Her skirt was about her waist and her knickers……….gone.

He’d an idea he was heading for her bedroom, but when she kissed him, fucking his mouth with her tongue, he changed his mind, he’d never make it.

They stumbled on kissing, Gail working on getting his shirt off, while being carried, difficult but she got there. Her teeth worried his neck, marking him, biting him, licking him.

He walked into what he thought was the dining room, thinking about fucking her on the table, but as he bumped into what could only be the sofa he grinned, it’d do.

Kissing her one last time, he flipped her about and pushed her over the edge of the sofa, whispering darkly into her ear, ‘Spread them’. And when she was too slow he shoved his thigh between hers and pushed her legs roughly apart

Gail panted, god he knew which buttons to push, one’s she never knew existed! She heard a rustle behind her, Richie’s hand pushing her torso forward, the other yanking her hips backwards, then…………….

‘Richiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee………..’ He slammed into her, not stopping till he was sheathed into her warmth.

He stopped as her orgasm raced through her, her body bucking under his, his smile was pure evil, he laughed, she was made for him and him alone. He started to ride her again.

Gail was panting, sweat glistening all over her body, her legs shaking at the force of her orgasm. A shudder rushed through her as Richie started to pump into her again, his strokes getting faster and faster. She braced her hands on the top of the sofa and pushed up, her eyes nearly rolling back in her head as the shift in her stance changed the angle of his thrusts.

His fingers were leaving marks in her hips as he pistoned into her; he could see the marks from earlier and grinned as new ones appeared. He grabbed hold of her hair and hauled her flush against him, turned her head and kissed her roughly his hips keeping a speed and rhythm he hadn’t had since his twenties.

Gail was in awe he was deep between her thighs and deep into her mouth, she had no idea where his lust was coming from, but boy was she reaping the benefits! She gasped and tore her mouth from his as another orgasm flooded her body. Then her body bowed back and she felt herself go taught as a wire as his long fingers found her clit, pinching it sending her off again.

He was on the last bit of his sanity, he pressed her forward again, pushing her into the sofa; she gave up and just dropped forward and his breath hissed through his teeth as her ass pushed into him pulling him deeper into her.

Leaning forward he placed his mouth on her spine and started to lick and bite down it. His lips slipped to the side and he managed to brush the side of her breast, she moaned and flexed her internal muscles about him, the veins in his neck stood out, he left a mark just below her shoulder blade, stood straight, tilted her hips a little more, then fucked her like he’d never fucked a woman before.

He slammed into her again and again; a distant thought was who slipped him the Viagra.

She wasn’t sure if she could take any more when he’d started to lick and bite her, her arousal was running down her leg. The feel of his cock pressing into all her wetness and hitting a spot she’d heard of, but never had found before was mind blowing. With one last bit of energy, as he tilted her hips, she pushed up onto the top of the sofa, pushed back as he moved forward and she cried out silently as the biggest orgasm of the night hit her, taking the breath from her body, her inner walls clamped down onto his cock and squeezed for all they were worth.

The top of Richie’s head nearly blew off as she pushed onto him, and with a hoarse shout he started to cum, he went up onto his tip toes, the chords of his neck and arms stood out, and still he came.